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My name is Alexander Yuriev. I am Ukrainian. I lived in a peaceful, loved country in the city Kharkiv until 24-th of February 2022. On this day Russia started the war against the Ukrainian people. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine with around 1,5 million citizens. Our city has a lot of districts, but I lived in a district named Northern Saltovka with around 300 000 of Kharkiv citizens. It is situated in the Northern part of Kharkiv and only 35 km from the Russia border.

And in early morning of 24-th of February 2022 at 5.00 my family and I was woken up by strong bomb or rocket attack of Ukrainian military base, situated in 5 km from my flat. The war has started!!! The daily plans of every Ukrainian were violated. Children did not go to schools and kindergartens; their parents did not go to their jobs. In 3 hours at 8.00 I already can hear and see through my window the first tank fight of this war – Russian tanks crossed the border and reached Kharkiv where the Ukrainian army met them accordingly! The first tank attack was stopped and the struggle for the freedom of Ukrainian started!

Everyone was confused, we didn’t know what to do now – bombes, rockets, tanks … You can see war in your window… We collected all the documents, valuables and decided to take a pause to understand what to do next … where to run and how to escape …
No one wants to leave their beloved home, street, their relatives, friends and usual work. I was hoping for a miracle that this would all end soon…

But my wife, her daughter and I managed to stay only 9 days in our flat lying on the floor. During all these days we listen bombs, rockets, tank attacks and other weapons. The last 4 days of staying in the flat, our family were without heating, electricity and without a normal cell phone network. Russian attacks have increased in my district every day. One bomb was directed into my house and early in the morning of 5-th of March my family and I left our flat and reached Kharkiv railway station with only 2 bags with our documents and clothes. In 4 hours we were already sitting in the evacuation train directed into the more safe western part of Ukraine where no tanks attacked, only rockets destroyed some buildings and bases. Train was so full of people. This journey takes us 22 hours by train and then 4 hours by bus to another flat in the Volinsk region like a temporary shelter.

From 6-th till 15-th of March my family and I stayed in the Volinsk region in 7 km from the Poland border. During these 10 days we see that the situation in Kharkiv became worse and worse day by day, Russian attacks became stronger on our beloved native city. Every day we heard the alarm sirens, we lost our jobs, my wife’s daughter stopped her studies and in this situation we decided to leave Ukraine.

I am not a soldier by nature. I am a peace-loving person who worked as a manager. And I have been rendered unfit for military service. And one of my partners recommended me to contact Mr. Hans-Martin Schaef from Germany, because he organized tours Poland (Lublin)-Germany (Petersaurach) for transportation of Ukrainian refugees and their placement in German families. Mr. Hans-Martin Schaef helped me to stay in his office in Lublin (Poland) since 15-th till 19-th of March. And after my family were part of the second transportation tour to Germany. So now my family and I live in Germany in Petersaurach in a safe place, 2250 km from Kharkiv! Now I will briefly describe the situation of only 3 people.

But at this moment approximately 1 million people still stay in Kharkiv already more than 2 months under daily Russian bomb attack. They have different reasons to stay in their native city. In Kharkiv a lot of my friends, colleagues, and my parents stayed. Also I got information that after a regular Russian rocket attacked my 92 years old grandfather burned in his flat. He also lived in the district Northern Saltovka. I have no words for comments on this terrible war!!!

So together Mr. Hans-Martin Schaef and I, we have been working in the medical area for a long time, and we decided to help Ukraine, Ukrainian people in this war! We got information that my native city Kharkiv has 27 destroyed ambulances and 29 ambulances occupied by the enemy in the Kharkiv region. Also we get a request that at this moment Kharkiv needs 13 ambulances more. Nowadays the Ukrainian army and Kharkiv citizens give a strong fight to invaders!

We already managed to deliver the FIRST AMBULANCE from Germany to Kharkiv on the 21-th of April. So the project has started! It is our first Victory!
We have got more photos on the internet under:
And now we invite you to join us and participate in donations for the next ambulances for Kharkiv. Our current target sum is 25 000 Euro for the next two Ambulances. Be part of future WORLD VICTORY over Russian evil.
And please help to save lives in Ukraine with your donation.

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